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Please be aware of menu allergens below

Name MilkEggsSoybeansGlutenNutsPeanutsSulphur DioxideLupinCeleryMustardSesame SeedsFishMolluscsCrustaceans
BBQ Chicken 9"(May Contain)
BBQ Fireball 9"(May Contain)
Woody’s Smokehouse 9"(May Contain)
Woody’s Meat Classic 9"(May Contain)
Pizza Lavadia 9"(May Contain)
Chicken Delight 9"(May Contain)
Pizza Polpetta 9"(May Contain)
Margherita 9"(May Contain)
Mexican Wave 9"(May Contain)
Woody’s Mighty Meatball 9"(May Contain)
Proscuitto 9"(May Contain)
Hell’s Fireball 9"(May Contain)
Proscuitto Funghi 9"(May Contain)
Tuna 9"
Pepperoni 9"(May Contain)
Hebridean Smokehouse 9"(May Contain)
Pizza Milano 9"(May Contain)
Seafood Marinara 9"(May Contain)
Pizza Luigi 9"(May Contain)
Quattro Formaggio 9"(May Contain)
Honolulu Feast 9"(May Contain)
Caledonian 9"(May Contain)
Pizza Savona 9"(May Contain)
Spicy Chicken & Chorizo 9"(May Contain)
Four Seasons 9"(May Contain)
Sicilian 9"(May Contain)
Vegan Fireball 9"(May Contain)
Vegan Delight 9"(May Contain)
Vegan Margherita 9"(May Contain)
Italian Classic 9"(May Contain)
Greek Classic 9"(May Contain)
Vegi Delight 9"(May Contain)
Vegi Fireball 9"(May Contain)
Funghi 9"(May Contain)
BBQ Fireball 12"(May Contain)
Woody’s Smokehouse 12"(May Contain)
BBQ Chicken 12"(May Contain)
Pizza Savona 12"(May Contain)
Spicy Chicken & Chorizo 12"(May Contain)
Four Seasons 12"(May Contain)
Sicilian 12"(May Contain)
Woody’s Meat Classic 12"(May Contain)
Pizza Lavadia 12"(May Contain)
Chicken Delight 12"(May Contain)
Pizza Polpetta 12"(May Contain)
Margherita 12"(May Contain)
Mexican Wave 12"(May Contain)
Woody’s Mighty Meatball 12"(May Contain)
Proscuitto 12"(May Contain)
Hell’s Fireball 12"(May Contain)
Proscuitto Funghi 12"(May Contain)
Tuna 12"(May Contain)
Pepperoni 12"(May Contain)
Hebridean Smokehouse 12"(May Contain)
Pizza Milano 12"(May Contain)
Seafood Marinara 12"(May Contain)
Pizza Luigi 12"(May Contain)
Quattro Formaggio 12"(May Contain)
Honolulu Feast 12"(May Contain)
Caledonian 12"(May Contain)
Vegan Fireball 12"(May Contain)
Vegan Delight 12"(May Contain)
Vegan Margherita 12"(May Contain)
Italian Classic 12"(May Contain)
Greek Classic 12"(May Contain)
Vegi Delight 12"(May Contain)
Vegi Fireball 12"(May Contain)
Funghi 12"(May Contain)
BBQ Chicken 16"(May Contain)
BBQ Fireball 16"(May Contain)
Woody’s Smokehouse 16"(May Contain)
Pizza Luigi 16"(May Contain)
Caledonian 16"(May Contain)
Honolulu Feast 16"(May Contain)
Spicy Chicken & Chorizo 16"(May Contain)
Pizza Savona 16"(May Contain)
Sicilian 16"(May Contain)
Four Seasons 16"(May Contain)
Pizza Lavadia 16"(May Contain)
Woody’s Meat Classic 16"(May Contain)
Pizza Polpetta 16"(May Contain)
Chicken Delight 16"(May Contain)
Woody’s Mighty Meatball 16"(May Contain)
Margherita 16"(May Contain)
Mexican Wave 16"(May Contain)
Proscuitto 16"(May Contain)
Hell’s Fireball 16"(May Contain)
Proscuitto Funghi 16"(May Contain)
Tuna 16"(May Contain)
Pepperoni 16"(May Contain)
Hebridean Smokehouse 16"(May Contain)
Pizza Milano 16"(May Contain)
Quattro Formaggio 16"(May Contain)
Vegan Fireball 16"(May Contain)
Vegan Delight 16"(May Contain)
Vegan Margherita 16"(May Contain)
Italian Classic 16"(May Contain)
Greek Classic 16"(May Contain)
Vegi Delight 16"(May Contain)
Vegi Fireball 16"(May Contain)
Funghi 16"(May Contain)
BBQ Chicken Calzone(May Contain)
BBQ Fireball Calzone(May Contain)
Woody’s Smokehouse Calzone(May Contain)
Pizza Milano Calzone(May Contain)
Seafood Marinara Calzone(May Contain)
Pizza Luigi Calzone(May Contain)
Quattro Formaggio Calzone(May Contain)
Honolulu Feast Calzone(May Contain)
Caledonian Calzone(May Contain)
Pizza Savona Calzone(May Contain)
Spicy Chicken & Chorizo Calzone(May Contain)
Four Seasons Calzone(May Contain)
Sicilian Calzone(May Contain)
Woody’s Meat Classic Calzone(May Contain)
Pizza Lavadia Calzone(May Contain)
Chicken Delight Calzone(May Contain)
Pizza Polpetta Calzone(May Contain)
Margherita Calzone(May Contain)
Mexican Wave Calzone(May Contain)
Woody’s Mighty Meatball Calzone(May Contain)
Proscuitto Calzone(May Contain)
Hell’s Fireball Calzone(May Contain)
Proscuitto Funghi Calzone(May Contain)
Tuna Calzone(May Contain)
Pepperoni Calzone(May Contain)
Hebridean Smokehouse Calzone(May Contain)
Vegan Fireball Calzone(May Contain)
Vegan Delight Calzone(May Contain)
Vegan Margherita Calzone(May Contain)
Vegi Fireball Calzone(May Contain)
Funghi Calzone(May Contain)
Italian Classic Calzone(May Contain)
Greek Classic Calzone(May Contain)
Vegi Delight Calzone(May Contain)
Double Garlic Bread with Cheese(May Contain)
Double Focaccia(May Contain)
Double Bruschetta with Salmon(May Contain)
Double Garlic Bread(May Contain)
Garlic Bread(May Contain)
Garlic Bread with Cheese(May Contain)
Focaccia(May Contain)
Brushchetta with Salmon(May Contain)
Garlic Mayonnaise(May Contain)